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Title:  Music Stands, Dulcimer, Bagpipe, Shakere
The store for people to learn about and purchase ethnic instruments. We feature dulcimers music stands bagpipes, shakere, and shofars.


 [Sa Rosas S.A. Cork, Especialidades de Cortica, Liege, Bouchons, Pacos de Brandao,, Portugal]


Lithuanian Bassoonists

From the site: Welcome to Lithuanian Bassoonists Site
This website is dedicated to Lithuanian bassoonists and Lithuanian music for bassoon. Here you will find information about Lithuanian bassoon players - both professional and students, as well as bassoon professors and famous Lithuanian bassoon players of the past. Also this website contains basic information about bassoon history in Lithuania and represents pieces for bassoon written by Lithuanian composers.

St. Louis Woodwind & Brass
1773 N. New Florissant Rd.
Florissant, MO. 63033

Phone: (314) 921-0012



French Bassoon Shop
Reeds, Repairs, Restorations, Sales
NYC by Appt
Contact  Larry Ibisch


From an e-mail we received:  We represent the fine Musicover gig bags from Italy, plus we are a non profit and the proceeds go towards supporting our auditory therapy project. 

Jim Schaeffer

Hi Notes  


From an e-mail we received:  My name is Sally Lindenberg and I run a Brass and woodwind repair shop. The business name is ‘Sally Lindenberg Wind and Brass’   I specialize in repairs and second-hand sales of all Brass and woodwind instruments. The URL is       

 Camp Hill

Brisbane, 4152

(07)3901 7017

0416 153 985



CJM Musical Services
32 Vaughan Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 2J4

 Complete bassoon repairs, restorations, tuning and voicing by Christopher Millard, Principal Bassoon for the National Arts Centre Orchestra. 


Marching band uniforms, marching band t-shirts, marching band gifts

Riedstra's Violin Shop Inc, Stringed Instrument Sales and Repairs

From an e-mail we received:

I have been a distributor of  Bassoons, Oboes, English Horns and other woodwinds and brass for many years, although we specialize in violin family instruments.   We do service the instruments as well, although complicated repairs like replating or making new keys get sent out.


Naylors Woodwind Repair

6726 South Dahlia Court, Centennial, CO 80122 • 1.303.761.4759 • 1.877.761.4759


The flutes, musical instruments, musical instrument repair ]

From an e-mail we received: I'd like to propose You my homepage for the link list. It's a humorous site with rather funny pseudo-scientific articles about bassoon history, playing, reed making etc. At this moment, the site is only in german but maybe i'll add an english traductionsomeday. The link is:

Leo Eroed (bassoonist in the Bruckner Orchester Linz)


[A-F] [G-L] [M-R] [S-Z]


Alamo Trade. Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Oboe D'Amore, English Horn, Bassoon & Contra Bassoon

Hong Kong commercial firm with ten different brands of bassoons for sale including the Chinese maker, Xinghai; some interesting links.

Alexander Technique International -- Home Page

Altieri Instrument Bags Online©

Applied Microphone Technology

Quote we received from this site: My company is one of the only companies in the world that manufactures microphones for Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings and Fretted instruments. Each microphone is designed to produce the natural sound of that instrument. Our mics are also adaptable to wireless, with our wireless interface. We manufacture a double bassoon mic. The mic is custom made depending on the make and model of the bassoon. One of the artists using our bassoon mic is Michael Rubinowitz.   If you have any questions that we can help you with, please let us know. Les Silver, Applied Microphone Technology. e-mail

ASU Bassoon Studio Jumping-off Point

Bassoon studio page of the Arizona State University School of Music. Studio and Application Information, General Bassoon Information and Repertoire, news, humour, Dr. Jeffery Lyman.

Australasian Double Reed Society

The Band Page: Resources: Bassoon

Coppell Civic Wind Symphony. Graphics, links, resources for musicians, newsgroups,

The Bandsmith, Inc. (Arkansas, USA)

Quote from this site: Band Instrument Sales and Service -- Specializing in the repair and restoration of brass and woodwind musical instruments


T-shirts, bags, hand-screened music designs, etc. Commercial site from Gates Distributing Co., Inc.

From an e-mail we received: I think my new 'product' could be well presented under: Other bassoon links & repair shops  The bassoonboost product is an improvement to the bocal and thus output for any bassoonist, pro or amateur.


Bassoon and Contra-Bassoon: Composers Bureau

Solos and chamber music from Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies composers.



Music Yellow Pages directory of some commercial firms.

Quote from this site: contains a comprehensive listing of bassoon resources including links to bassoonists from all over the world, bassoon dealers and repair shops, and much more. also allows you to place free ads on its Bulletin Board. All listings are verified on a regular basis and kept up-to-date. 

We also offer a full range of wind instrument accessories and are able to offer clarinet and saxophone tuition to all ages, groups and levels in the Stratford area.


Bassoon Drawings By Erik Frieberg

These drawings are terrific (Beethoven 4th especially), well worth a look.

Bassoon Fingering Program

Free software from John Schroder

Bassoon God's Page

Bassoon Archive Index

An outstanding site from Washburn University (USA), with commentaries from many different writers on most aspects of playing. Some of the messages were originally posted on doublereed-l (see below).

Bassoon In The Wild - Lois Scott Management, Inc.

Jazz and classical group featuring Michael Rabinowitz (NY, USA). Reviews, comment.

Bassoon, Reeds and more... chat!

Chat on line with other bassoonists (Sweden).

Bassoon, Reeds, Music

Page from John Balogh's home site.

Bassoon Rescue!

Bassoon restoration, sales and service from Peter Sneyd in the UK.

Bassoon Studio

Quote from this site: The Bassoon studio is a section for bassoonists and those who "must" live work and socialize around them.  It's concept includes everything from the basic question "What is a Bassoon" to advanced discussions on repair and reed finishing.  We are constantly working on the content of each section.

The Bassoon Place

Quote from this site: Designed, constructed and maintained by a freelance bassoonist who isn't getting enough work. This site is just a baby yet, so keep checking! It is intended to be a resourse for young freelancing musicians, with a special corner dedicated to bassoonery (that being the area I am most familiar with.)

Baylor University (USA) Bassoon Studio

A Bibliography Of Writings About The Oboe And Bassoon, 17TH- 19TH Centuries

From Indiana University School of Music

Big Bassoon! - Susan Nigro

Bassoon Land

Quote from this site: dem Forum der unbeschränkten Möglichkeiten für Fagott!
Egal was Sie suchen ob
Informationen über Konzerte, Kurse, Personen, Ensembles, Aufnahmen, Bearbeitungen und
die außergewöhnlichsten Fragen;

Sie werden alle Informationen oder Links dazu hier bei uns finden!

Viel Vergnügen beim Einstieg in die Fagottwelt von,

Melden Sie sich hier KOSTENFREI als Mitglied an
wir freuen uns sehr Sie als Mitglied bei uns zu begrüßen!


Contrabassoonist Nigro's web site.

Ralph Billinger's Home Page

Graphic of bassoon, composers, links, audio file

Boyer Woodwind Repair

quote we received from this site: specializes in bassoons and other double-reed instruments

Brian's Double Reed Page

From Brian Moses. Extensive site with links, lists, charts, directories, articles and bibliographies, double reed news, composers and their music, recordings, discographies and reviews, other resources, libraries and archives, etc.

Brittas Homepage

Deutsch/English. Graphics, cartoons, "bassoon, what's that?", etc. -- homepage of Britta Lahnstein.

British Double Reed Society: On-Line

Links, publications, concessions, news, how to join the society, etc.

The Caliban quartet of bassoonists

California State University, Sacramento Department of Music

Care Of The Bassoon . . . The Importance Of Regular Lubrication

By Gerald E. Corey from the IDRS site in Colorado, USA.

Quote from an e-mail we received:
The world's favourite online classical music subscription offering listening, downloads,
custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music

Quote from this site: Our aim here at Classicalist is to offer a fully comprehensive guide to who is available in the classical musicians industry. To do this we are offering a free membership to Classicalist, with a completely personalised CV listing and an automatically generated personal web page which you will be able maintain and keep up to date. What's more is that this service is offered absolutely free of charge. Additionally the Information section contains listings for events of all types as well as news, reviews and internet links useful to those interested in all things classical music related. You can also add your information instantaneously today, and be listed with the ever growing Classicalist web resources.

Classical music classical musicians

Quote from an e-mail we received about this site: We invite you to visit ClassicOL.Com, the internet's single most comprehensive classical music portal. Version 2.0 has just been launched -- Some of the new features include: 1) Personal website facility specifically designed for the needs of classical musicians - It's FREE and EASY. No programming knowledge is required! 2) Over 3000 links to classical musicians and classical music related sites (see the site for more details on how you too can join the database). 3) WAP and Internet-enabled PDA compatibility.  (the first classical music site to provide such a feature). 4) Selection of 130 radio stations in 18 languages from 26 countries, all devoted to classical music - the largest selection of classical music radio stations anywhere on the Internet!

ClassicWeb Bassoon & Contrabassoon Page

A list of current world wide job openings for bassoonists, along with a few double reed jokes.

Custom Music Company

Updated web address for this firm -- Custom Music Company in Ferndale, MI, USA. Puchner and Kroner bassoons for sale, Richard Polonchak and Hugh Cooper.

Cygnet Bassoon Page

Original T-shirts and pencils

Dr. Downing's Bassoonist's Reed Doctor

Quote from this site: How much do your bassoon reeds cost you? An arm and a leg? And do you like them when you've got them? Dr Downing's Bassoonist's Reed Doctor will make your reeds sing for you. Reeds will last longer, play better and save you money. Pages of good, clear, illustrations help you to get it right immediately.


From Washburn University (USA); introduction to the doublereed-l e-mail list server and how to subscribe, archives, links, workshops, The Bassoon-Family Fingering Companion by Terry B. Ewell, etc.

Double Reed Players in Profile

From Brian Moses. Biographies of many players and academics, links .

Double Reeds

Reeds for sale from Advantage-USA.

Duane Peltier


From an e-mail we recieved: My name is Javier and I writeyou from Spain. I am bassoonist and I have a new site called Is possible linking with my web in your Thanks and regards from barcelona


European Federation of National Youth Orchestras (NL)

Hummel Concerto audio sound byte (keeps repeating!), "what is a bassoon," humour, guest book from Eve Essex.

In English and German. Quote from the site: Ein Forum rund um das Fagott

Faggotto Per Tutti

Benvenuti Nel Sito Per Tutti I Fagottisti ... E non Solo

Fou de Basson

Quote from this site: Présentation de l'association, son bureau, le stage annuel...Page sur les anches... Calendrier des activités autours du basson: stages, journées, rencontres, concours....Vous avez besoins d'infos sur des sujets ou personnalités de notre instrument... etc.



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Gino's Instrument Repair

Quote from this site: Expert Brasswind and Woodwind Instrument Repairsby Gino and Gina Micheletti, Father and Daughter Doing Quality Work Repairing, Modifying and Rebuilding Wind Instruments (Please note: we do not do plating or lacquering due to prohibitive state regulations)

Graphics and Audio Files for Research, Study and Instruction

Interesting chart of contrabassoon audio spectrum, links.

The Haart School of Music

From an e-mail we received: We currently offer programs through the doctoral level in bassoon performance. Marc Goldberg, our bassoon faculty member, is also the associate principal bassoonist of the NY Philharmonic.
Thanks for your help,
Jessica Levine
Hartt Public Relations
(860) 768-4466

Our site can be found at:

Home Page of Hans Mons

Quote from this site: The Dulcian pages; some info on baroque bassoons, some info on bassanelli, recorders, a contrabass saxaphone in Leipzig. Links to other baroque bassoon pages.

Heckel Bassoon/Contrabassoon and Heckelphone Serial Numbers


Information on hearing protection for musicians; ear plug manufacturers, lists of health care specialists, etc.

Murray Houllif

Quote from an e-mail we received: I have a composition for marimba and basson duo published by Permus Publications entitled INTERLUDE which may be of interest. The address of Permus Pub. is Box 218333, Columbus, Ohio 43221. Thanks and all the best.
Murray Houllif

Kavanagh Music (UK)

Quote from this site: Our business undertakes all aspects of wind instrument repair and servicing for individuals, schools and orchestras at competitive rates. We endeavour to carry out all work on our premises. All work is fully guaranteed. In most cases you will be able to liaise directly with the individual who will work on your instrument.
We also offer a full range of wind instrument accessories and are able to offer clarinet and saxophone tuition to all ages, groups and

Holden P. McAleer

Baltimore Woodwind Repair
4307 Harford Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21214
Telephone 410-444-6546

From an e-mail we received: Repairs and service by professional bassoonist. High quality used bassoons and contras.

( has had work done by Mr. McAleer, with fine results.)

Pascal Gallois' site in English and French. Feature about a composer who writes for bassoon, news, links, editorial about phrasing and sonority, biography, remarks about Berio Sequenza XII.

Johnny Paul's Music Shop

Quote from an e-mail we received: I would like for my business to be included in your page of Links, in the section of repair service.  We are a musical instrument repair shop near the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Metroplex and we have many years of experience.  As a bassoonist with a degree in music, and a former band director, I have extensive service capabilities in the double reed family of instruments.  We do everything from a simple adjustment to overhauls, tenon replacements, and crack pinning.  If you need references, please let me know, I have tons.  We regularly service instruments from over 40 school districts in the area.

Illinois State University (USA) Bassoon Studio

Contacting ISU, Prof. Michael Dicker, upcoming events, ISO bassoon newsletter, links.

Instruments: The Bassoon

This site had its server down when last checked.


International Double Reed Society WWW

Located in Colorado (USA) and one of the very best sites. Advertisements, publications, membership directory, how to join the society, extensive lists of links, IDRS archives, information about the annual IDRS conference, how to subscribe to IDRS OnLine (an e-mail list server for IDRS members), Fernand Gillet International Competition information, The Bassoon-Family Fingering Companion by Terry B. Ewell, etc.

Isacc Bull's Christadelphian Bassoon Home Page

We liked the "pun of the day." Also audio files of Grandfather from Peter And The Wolf and a contrabassoon tune we didn't recognize. Biographies, links, graphics, photo of Isaac and family.

Ithaca College (USA) Bassoon Studio

Graphics, Dr. Lee Goodhew, e-mail address, information about the bassoon studio and auditions, current students, school of music, links.

Jessica Rance - Homepage

Julie Balch's Web Page

Katie & Bob's Bassoon Page

Comment, fun graphics, links, guestbook from Kathleen Monaici

Kirker Bassoon Repair

Quote from this site: Bassoons for sale; bassoon accessories; maintenance tips; Repair Prices; Rogues Gallery; Bulletins; Chat.

Landy Bassoon Repair

Repair and restoration; instruments, bocals, accessories for sale in Brooklyn, NY (USA).

La Pàgina del Fagot

In English and Spanish. Quote from the English version of this page: Welcome to "The Bassoon Home Page". Here your can get information about myreeds, links to other interesting pages about bassoon and double reeds. Also, other musical links. You can access to sites with MIDI files and hear and get midi files sequenced by me (of course, those of bassoon). If you want to learn go to put JavaScript in your page, you can access to interesting links from here.

Louisiana State University Prof. William Ludwig

Photo, biography, e-mail and telephone.

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Holden P. McAleer

Baltimore Woodwind Repair
4307 Harford Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21214
Telephone 410-444-6546

From an e-mail we received: Repairs and service by professional bassoonist. High quality used bassoons and contras.

( has had work done by Mr. McAleer, with fine results.)

The Mad Bassoonist

Cartoon graphic, what is a bassoon, history of the bassoon, bassoon midi, links, humour from Matt Yurkewecz..

The "Magic Bassoon"

We received the following e-mail:

The master "Magic bassoon" with his innovative executive techniques can play the flight of the Bumble Bee  at the metronome speed of 180, and Weber's Rondo at the metronome speed of 100, with final triplet flight in staccato. If you are interested in the secret of his speed and his staccato you can call:

Main Page for Contrabassoon

A contrabassoon "community" with message posting, links, etc. Apparently you must join the "ONElist" community in order to participate in discussion groups, etc.

Midsouth Double Reed Society (USA)

From the University of Mississippi (USA). Information about the society and how to join.

The Midwest Double Reed Society

Calendar of events, members e-mail directory, links, information about the society and how to join, double reed workshops and camps, The MDRS Young Artists Competition.

Midwest Musical Imports (USA)

Midwest Musical Imports is in Minneapolis, and sells new Fox and Fox Renard bassoons along with a
Heckel Crest model. There is also a section of used instruments.

Mike Lockey's Home Page

Information about the Cleveland (UK) Symphonic Band, etc.

The Monsoon Bassoon

UK group with Real Audio clips, concert and record information.

 [My Accompanist]

Quote from this site: Having played literally thousands of programs over the past 30 years, the idea of using my experience in the accompanying and chamber music field to record all of the accompaniments I have performed was realized last year when I began recording the woodwind repertoire.

These accompaniments have been recorded with artists whose solo parts have been edited out of the final product. The result is a very high quality professional & musical accompaniment that can be used for a variety of performing situations, or for at home learning.

It is my intention to provide a complete listing of all the woodwind, brass, string and vocal repertoire. The recordings were made in one of Chicago’s top recording studios and thus have a beautiful acoustic piano sound. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I have enjoyed the endeavor.



 [:: Music Business Plus ::]

From an e-mail we received: This letter serves as an introduction to a rich new source of Choral, Orchestral, and Ensemble music.  The music has been tried and tested over 30 years of Choir training, teaching and performance experience. It is enjoyable, often jazzy, and suitable for choirs and ensembles of all types and ages.  Please feel free to visit our website and contact us at any time for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Ronald Law B. Mus.



Music For Contrabassoon by Daniel Dorff

List of pieces for contra


[Music Stands by Mister Standman - wooden music stands, choir conductor stands, book stands & Harpist Leslie Stratton Norris home page]


Musical Instrument Sites

Links to sites concerning musical instruments from the UC San Diego Music Library (USA).

Nadina Jackson is selling her CD through her own website at


Oboe/Bassoon Resources On The WWW

From South Central Iowa Bandmasters Association (USA). Links to oboe/bassoon related sites.

Quote from this site [in English]: This website is about bassoon and everything about this wonderful instrument.

Pocket Musician -- Pocket Bassoon Fingering Chart

For pocket PCs.

[Welcome to]

The Punk Bassoon Connection

Quiet Bassoon Playing

Essay on playing low notes quietly.

Quinnell's Home Page (Shatner's Bassoon)

From Steve Quinnell. Fun graphics, some adult language. Not sure whether this is actually bassoon

Rayburn Music

Quote from this site:Rayburnis one of the most complete brass and woodwind shops in the world. We carry all the major brands of instruments, both new and used, along with the accessories for each instrument. Our shop and service is known internationally for a tradition of customer satisfaction.

Quote from an e-mail we received about this site: ReedLife is a solution that cleanses, preserves, moisturizes, and sanitizes reeds, making them last longer.  They don't make a bad reed good, just makes a good reed last longer without drying them out. name:   ReedLife (from Carvo Musical Products)


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Second Bassoon!!

From Annette Gallagher. Favorite second bassoon orchestral excerpts, humour, comment, biography.

Steve Hanna

Bassoonist, administrator, University of Idaho (USA)

Steve's Bassoon Extravaganza & Flyfishing Hole

Compositions--Fingerings for Heckel Bassoon

Suggested Heckel-System fingerings for various passages. From the IDRS web site.

The Bassoon

From David Bartlett. What is it?, MPEG sounds, links, graphics.

The Bassoon Guru's Studio

Comment, introduction to the bassoon, links, audio files of Peter and the Wolf, Young Person's Guide, Rite of Spring, Muradian Contrabassoon Concerto, short history of the bassoon.

The Bassoon Zone

From Jon Halvor Lund. Favorite recordings, links, guest book, extensive list of players and teachers by country, list of manufacturers, information about masterclasses, competitions, etc.

The Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra Bassoon Home Page

What the heck is a bassoon?, humour, links, information about BRYO, biographies.

The Contrabassoon

From David DeJarnett. Posture and embouchure, fingerings, reeds, tone production, intonation, maintenance, accessories, biographies and photos of players, reeds and tool suppliers, literature, links, etc.

The Bodacious Bassoon

From Miriam Teitel. Quotations, links, graphics, ham radio page and links, guestbook, preferred books and authors, biography, about musicals, comments on home page HTML construction.

Temple University Esther Boyer College of Music (USA) Bassoon Faculty

Photo of Bernard Garfield, biographies of faculty.


New site with many interesting links; Bassoon Poll, Chat (apparently under construction), Repertory, Resources on the web, Music news, Doublereed societies, Bassoon websites, etc. We enjoyed the site.

The List -- Stolen Instruments Database

Potentially a very valuable site: tips on stolen instrument recovery, password-protected opportunity to add a stolen instrument to the database. Sadly, several stolen bassoons were listed when we last looked. Quote from this site: MUSICIANS! If you loose an instrument to theft, Don't just roll over and play dead! First, notify your local police, then, LIST YOUR INSTRUMENT HERE! Your newly-missing (or long-gone) instrument will be instantly identifiable to the world, and chances of recovery will go up!

Thomas Ohme Double Reed Repair Service

Repair of woodwind instruments.

Tips for Beginning Bassoonists

From Steve Hanna. Many interesting short articles on reeds, fingerings, repertoire, instrument maintenance; links.

TWHowarth & Co Ltd: Bassoons at Howarth

UK firm with prices for Moosman, Adler, Fox, Schreiber, Yamaha, Boosey & Hawkes bassoons; and Mollenhauer, Adler and Boosey & Hawkes contrabassoons. Bocals, repair, used instruments, sheet music, accessories, mail order service.

Twin Tier Musicians Association (Penn -- NY, USA) Local 132-314, AFM

Quote from this site: We offer this site for potential purchasers of music and/or employers of musicians to find professional live musicians to fulfill their musical needs.

University of Arkansas (USA) Music Department

Maarten Vonk Fagot Reparaties

Netherlands repair business also sells several makes of bassoon, bocals, reeds, cane, tools, etc. Here's a short description from an e-mail we received from this firm: Since 1981 the one and only bassoon centre in Europe. High quality of bassoonrepair, over 200 different accessories, reedmaking tools, and ± 50 new and used bassoons in stock. WE THINK BASSOON.

Pascal Véraquin

Quote we received in an e-mail from this site: We are a repair shop specialized in woodwinds, with a real emphasis on double reeds. We are also a dealer for Schreiber, Fox and Moosmann bassoons. This is also THE place in Montreal [Canada] for a large choice of cane, reed-making tools and accessories.

Viennese Oboe Society

Quote from this site: Our internet site is the first place for everybody who is interested in oboe and bassoon in general and, of course in the Viennese Oboe, a special form of this instrument, which is only played in Viennese orchestras. On our homepage you will find everything about this instrument, including the most detailed reed making-course of the www, lots of pictures and articles in our archive, links to hundreds of related sites, a bulletin board system for exchanging opinions and getting in contact with other experts, an interactive events-calendar, sound-examples of the most common oboe-solos of the orchestral literature


Welcome to Peter Simpson's Bassoon Studio

Washburn University (USA) Bassoon Professor Rodney Boyd

Biography, link to doublereed-l, audio file (469K), e-mail address.

Web Of Art (AUS)

Links to interesting Bassoon sites on the www

Wiseman Cases

Quote from this site: A range of the finest quality, hand made, instrument cases for Woodwind instruments. All cases are designed to provide professional quality instruments with the maximum protection, whilst offering the highest degree of space efficiency, comfort and versatility for the musician.

The Woodwind Quarterly

A journal for woodwind repair technicians, makers, and manufacturers.

Backun Musical Services (CA)

The woodwind repair shop for professional musicans

The Woodwind Shop

World Concert Artists Directory

Quote from this site: A Search Engine For Information About Music; There Is More Music Here Than Anywhere Else In The World.

Yahoo! Entertainment:Music:Instruments:Wind Instruments:Bassoon

Bassoon-related links from the search engine

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