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 Leitzinger Bassoons and Bocals


Deflation comes to the bassoon world? 

Take a look at the Chinese maker Frontier Musical Instruments
Look at the prices of the new Japanese bassoon maker Takeda!



Amati JDR (Czech)

To find the bassoon and contra listings (in English) at Amati, use this link. Thanks to Jim Newcomb for this listing.



Amris Co. (Japan)

Not actually a bassoon maker themselves, but providing a catalog of descriptions of eight different makers with fine graphics of those instruments. (Site in Japanese) Includes Adler (Germany), Amati (Czech), Fox (USA), Heckel (Germany), Mollenhauer (Germany), Schreiber (Germany), Sonora (Germany), Yamaha (Japan).


 Dirk Klöffer Baroque Oboe-Baroque Bassoon



Benson Bell (Canada)

Quote from this site: Ben Bell has been building professional bassoons for 14 years. Currently building his 35th instrument, his desire to create was born of the experience gained while repairing bassoons. After 10 years with Frank Marcus and Ivor Rothwell at Marcus Bassoon Repair in Toronto, he felt that the bore was the fundamental weakness with most bassoons and to prove it he built a bassoon with a new bore based on his research and measurements from hundreds of instruments.


Robert Cronin

Baroque bassoon maker

We received an a-mail from Robert Cronin: I have been making renaissance, baroque and classical double-reed instruments since 1981. My instruments are described in my web site. Shawms, large oboes, curtals and bassoons, bocals, reeds and reed making tools.


 [ Dart Bassoons  (GB)]

From an email we received: I have been making baroque and classical bassoons since 1985, am currently working on a PhD on pre-1750 bassoon design, construction and acoustics at the London Metropolitan Universlty.


Fox Products Corporation

South Whitley, Indiana USA

Telephone: 219-723-4888

Fox Products Website

We received a note from Fox: The site provides information about our company, as well as listing and illustration of most of the products and services we provide. The site also provides an online shopping cart for reed and accessory items.



 Frontier Musical Instruments (China)

From the website:  Frontier Musical Instruments, through its operating subsidiaries, is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high quality musical instruments. Consulting by musicians, the Company has the most valuable collections of brands in the music industry. Through a worldwide network of dealers, Frontier Musical Instruments` products are sold to professional, amateur and student musicians, as well as orchestras and educational institutions.



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Wilhelm Heckel, GmbH

Heckel's Website

Beibrich / Weisbaden


Telephone: 06 11 66182

Fax: 06 11 600841



Holzblas-Instrumentenbau GmbH

Source of Oscar Adler, Sonora, and Gebrüder Moennig instruments
Bergstraße 14
D-08258 Markneukirchen

Tel.: +49 (0)3 74 22 / 28 33
Fax: +49 (0)3 74 22 / 28 33



Quote from a friend in the repair business:

Huller bassoons were made in Schoneck (part of the old East Germany) and, after the wall came down, the factory closed down and the workers went to Adler & Moennig and to the west.  They were extremely popular in England and some of them were pretty good.

We received this nice e-mail about Huller: I bumped across a very detailed article that appeared in a 1999 issue of a publication from the International Double Reed Society. The article discusses the history of Huller (as well as Moennig and Adler), beginning with the company's founding in 1878 and through its gradual demise at the end of WW II. Interestingly, it also indicates that Huller was once a student of Heckel. To access the article, cut and paste the following link into your browser and open up the PDF file. The article appears beginning on page 11:

Also, Huller, along with Heckel, was apparently one of the few bassoon makers who ever made an instrument with a low A replacement bell joint. For more information, go to the following site:




Eric Moulder and Tony Millyard Baroque Bassoons



Gebrüder Mönnig · Oscar Adler & Co.

Also called "Moennig Brothers"

Pestalozzistraße 19
08258 Markneukirchen
Tel.: +49 -37 422 / 3591
Fax.: +49 -37 422 / 2833



Peter de Koningh Bassoons

Netherlands maker of historical bassoon replicas, bocals.



Walter Kroner Bassoons & Contrabassoons

We can't find a web site for Kroner.  If you know of one, please click here and write to us.

(US distributors: Custom Music Company)

(1414 South Main Street)

(Royal Oak Michigan 48067 USA)

(Telephone: 800 521 6380 / 313 546 4135)



Leitzinger Bassoons and Bocals (DE)

From the [English] web site: Tradition & Experience
Stephan Leitzinger opened a workshop for woodwind instruments in spring 1989.

Stephan comes from a family with a tradition of making musical instruments.
His passion for the creation of woodwind instruments began as a child, when he started working with his father in the workshop.

Stephan learned how to build bassoons with the Heckel Company in Wiesbaden. After several years with Heckel, he went on to work with other renowned musical instrument manufacturers, in Germany and France. During these years of working for other companies, he gained much valuable experience in the art and science of woodwind manufacture and repair...




Linton Woodwinds



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Information about Moeck baroque bassoons

Quote from the web site: The Early Music Shop is the world's largest early music instrument specialist. The showroom in Bradford England has grown to become the largest single source of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments world-wide, and contains a bewildering display of instruments, many of which are designed in-house in our own early music workshop, and from makers from all quarters of the globe. The range including viols, recorders, rebecs, lutes, harps, harpsichords, spinets, shawms, crumhorns, tabors, sackbuts, hurdy-gurdies, psalteries, and accessories offers a one-stop-shop for the early music enthusiast!



Gustav Mollenhauer & Soehne Contrabassoons

(US agent: Gregg Henegar)

(P.O. Box 936)

(Boston, MA 02123)

(Telephone: 617 262 3840)




This site appears to be off the air and we haven't yet found a new URL.

Quote from this site: Gli strumenti artigianali di nostra esclusiva produzione sono costruiti in numero dichiaratamente limitato e la loro realizzazione è il risultato di studi specifici e approfonditi nel corso di anni di lavoro.




Bernd Moosmann Bassoons

Moosmann - Maker's Homepage in Germany

Miller Marketing Co., Inc. - Moosmann Bassoons in USA

We received the following e-mail about availability of Moosman instruments: MAN/PIZZO Internacional is Bernd Moosmann GmbH's representative for all Latin American countries from the southern shore of the Rio GRande to the tip of Tierra del Fuego in the Patagonia of Argentina. MAN/PIZZO Int'l can be reached through its web site at . We market Moosmann bassoons and contrabassoons directly from our headquarters located in Montevideo, Uruguay (postal address P.O.Box 6243, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay or e-mail to: ). We also operate through appointed local dealers and promoters-players. For further information please contact Mario A. Navarro, Latin American operations director at any of the above addresses. We also carry in stock selected instruments for immediate delivery. Mario A. Navarro, Latin American representative for Moosmann bassoons and contrabassoons International distributor for Bulgheroni oboes and piccolo flutes. Postal address: P.O. Box 6243, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay. phone: office +598-2-900 0880 or 901 0731; fax +598-2-908 2027 res. +598-2-711 5362; fax +598-2-711 9228; cel. +598-99-664 623 visit our web page at:

(US distributor: Moosmann NA)

(P.O. Box 822)

(Wayne, PA 19087 USA)

Telephone: 610 687 9645 / (USA) 800 258 5104



Josef Püchner Bassoons

(US distributors: Custom Music Company)

Custom Music Corp.
1930 Hilton Road
Ferndale, MI  48220


Leslie Ross Bassoons

Quote from this site: I have been making replicas of historical bassoons since 1984 and modern bassoon bocals since 1993. The following pages contain information on current models.

These instruments are all handmade to order with most models offering a choice of wood, various tuning options, and custom requests such as silver keywork. Delivery times vary depending on the length of my waiting list and can be estimated when an order is placed. Please inquire about pricing and deposits, or write for any further information.

In addition, I very much enjoy, and am available for, restoration work of all kinds.

Apart from workshop activities, this site also includes some of my research work - for which I would welcome any comments - as well as a glimpse of the work I do as a performer/composer/instrument builder.


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 Takeda Bassoons

From the Midwest Musical Imports (USA) web site: Takeda bassoons are designed by Yuhiko Takeda, former bassoonist of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra for 16 years. After resigning from the orchestra, Mr. Takeda began developing bassoons in 1995. Through years of manufacturing and improving his bassoon designs, Takeda has managed to build these high quality instruments at more affordable prices. These unique bassoons are suited for both beginning and advanced bassoonists and they have a dark, warm sound, with a very comfortable scale and keywork design. Every Takeda bassoon model is made in the "Gentleman's", or compact style, with an evenly divided bass and bell joint that allows the bassoon to fit in a smaller bassoon case. All Takeda bassoons come with one #2 Takeda bassoon bocal.

Note: Prices listed December, 2005 at MMI are from US$2875 to US$3875 complete!


Wenzel Schreiber & Söhne, GmbH

Boosey and Hawkes

Quote from this site: In 1969, Schreiber merged with the American owned Tolchin Group, along with the string instrument maker Roderich Paesold, the case factory Jakob Winter, and the French instrument maker Buffet Crampon. Distribution centers were based out of Japan, USA, England, Benelux, and Australia. In 1981, the Tolchin Group companies were purchased by the Boosey & Hawkes Group.

Holzblas Instrumentenbau

Industriestraße 17

64569 NAUHEIM/Groß-Gerau


Telephone: 0 61 52 6305-0

Fax: 0 61 52 6305 55



Hary Schweizer

Brazil maker of bassoons



Selmer (USA) Bassoons



Information about Barbara Stanley baroque bassoons



Rudolf Walter & Co

German Maker; site in English and German



Guntram Wolf Modern and Historic Woodwind Instruments

Telephone 425-483-8667 (USA)
5471 NE 200th Pl.
Seattle, WA 98155 USA



Yamaha Corporation of America


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