Lost & Stolen Instruments

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Has your bassoon or contrabassoon been lost or stolen?

We'll list it here free of charge. Please send us copy-ready text, preferably in Verdana font, and we'll put your notice up on this page. Please include an e-mail address or telephone number so that if your instrument is found you can be contacted.

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I was burglarized on Tuesday, March 25 2008 in Portland, Oregon.    My Maestro bassoon was one of the items stolen.  It is the first and only that I owned :(  I purchased it on ebay new from a dealer in Houston.  It is (I believe) Chinese made.  I don't have the serial number, unfortunately.  It was in its case with a blue lining and case-cover.  There was a blonde reed case with 6 reeds in the outer pocket, as well as a bassoon mute, seat strap, crutch, cork grease and two bocals.  ANY help recovering my bassoon would be appreciated;  I am just sick from the loss as it took me 15 years to be able to buy this instrument.  Any relevant information, call 503-206-9088 or email mikeyboypdx@hotmail.com.  Thank you.
Mike Grigsby
1515 N Ainsworth #64
Portland, OR 97217


Recently moved from San Francisco to Houston. The movers *lost* my
Amati Bassoon (ABN41). This was my first and only bassoon, it was
purchased back in 1992. It's in a hard-shell case with orange/brown
velvet interior. Instrument was in excellent condition with very minor
wear. The whisper-key plating is worn and you can see the brass. There
is a small dent on the lower wing joint from a long joint stand-off.
There are two bocals, a small red taktell metronome, wooden reed-case,
linen swabs, bocal cleaner, and two plastic black hand crutches (one
broken, one okay). The plastic white ring on the bell has been glued
back on. The cork on the wing and the long joints had been sanded down
a little.
I'm not sure of what the serial number was:( Hopefully, the description
of the instrument is enough to identify it. Please, if you find such an
instrument, please contact me. This was my first and only bassoon.
Contact: Octave Orgeron
Email: unixconsole@yahoo.com



This bassoon has been recovered by its owner.

STOLEN SCHREIBER bassoon, serial number


Dear Friends,
A Heckel Bassoon has been stolen last week in Brno (Czech Repulic). Its number is 14925. Could you please post thist information on your website? Any information about this instrument should be reported to the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, info@filharmonie-brno.cz.
With many thanks,
Best wishes
Vaclav Vonasek



Anna Holtmeyer
Fox Renard Model #220
Serial #


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My Heckel 7991 was stolen november 2nd in pittsburgh
It has a very unusual finish and was in a weisman case
with purple interior and one heckel bocal ( nickel
plated VCC 2) PLease post this and anyone can contact
Thank you
Elise Wagner

Elise Wagner
732 Savannah Avenue  #3
Pittsburgh, PA  15221


Richter bassoon serial No. 77
stolen in Cleveland, Ohio July 1977
I was the original owner, purchased it new in Atlanta 1974.




my bassoon was stolen! in holland, from the Koninklij Conservatorium den Haag. It's gone since, around beginning of july 2006. It is Moening in a brown case (inside, the case is dark red), and cover by soft, black cover with "VATMAN" written on it. It has a hand made extention of a thing that u hang basson on when u play. This extention has 4 hols and is made of solid piece of metal. Also the case is changet for that reason, so that the extention goes through a hole inside the tool-box in the case.
my telephone in holland: +31614111307



Conn Bassoon, serial # 11825 was stolen from York College of 
Pennsylvania in the spring of 2004.  If you have any information on 
this instrument, please contact Professor Wayne Romer, Director of 
Instrument Studies at (717) 815-1526 or wromer@ycp.edu .


Mirafone  BAssoon#1545

This bassoon was stolen in 2005  from the Trail BC Area. Was in a new Protec case *Reward offered.*
Contact Barry at 250 364 3994



Midwest Musical Imports had a bunch of instruments stolen recently. These

are all brand new instruments. It's possible that they may show up as the
thieves try to sell them.  Thanks in advance for any assistance in
recovering these instruments.
The Minneapolis Police has an active case file on this incident.  If anyone
has questions they can call Midwest Musical Imports at 1-800-926-5587.
List of musical instruments stolen from Midwest musical Imports on November
13, 2005:
Fox Model 300 oboes:
            Serial #23413
            Serial #23673
Fox Model 400 oboe:
            Serial #23520
Fox Model 800 oboes:
            Serial #23302
            Serial #23378
            Serial #23458
Fox Model 555 English Horn:
            Serial #638
Fossati Tiery English Horns:
            Serial #8185
            Serial #8199
Loree Model c+3 AK grenadilla oboe:
            Serial #QC85
            Serial #QC89
Loree Model c+3 AK grenadilla with High D facilitator oboe:
            Serial #QD69
Loree Royal Model Regular grenadilla oboes:
            Serial #PW14
            Serial #QA83
            Serial #QC06
Loree Royal Model AK grenadilla oboes:
            Serial #QC53
            Serial #QE20
Loree Royal Model AK grenadilla with High D facilitator oboe:
            Serial #QA30
Fox Bassoons:
            Model 220, Serial #41133
            Model 240, Serial #41298
            Model 240, Serial #41516
            Model 222D, Serial #41098
            Model 41, Serial #41212


2021 E. HENNEPIN AVE. SUITE 374, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55413  1-800-926-5587
612-331-4717  FAX 612-331-4718 


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Good news!  We received a note that this instrument has been returned to it's owner.

Schreiber bassoon #30747 was stolen from my student's car in Portland Oregon on Saturday November 20th. She plays in the local youth orchestra and her school's band. Please help to return this instrument to a very heart-broken bassoonist. If you know where it is please e-mail your information to Sue (her mother) at

[e-mail address]

Instrument is maple wood & in good condition. It has a high D key & key rollers. It has a white bell ring with a chip/crack - because of the crack it is possible to remove the ring. It was in a brown 3-latch case w/ green lining & at time it was stolen it was inside a black soft outer case w/ wool-like lining. Also in case was a #1 & #2 bocal & 2 red/white (candycane) cleaning brushes.



My bassoon was stolen this afternoon, May 26, 2005 from my car in San Francisco, CA.
Bassoon is a Fox 201 serial # 15064. Dark stained maple with French styke bell, one Fox bocal, one Heckel bocal. Case is black with rounded corners and some damage to the edges. Also stolen was a black backpack with my reeds and music.
Any help locating my instrument would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Juliet Barrera

e-mail: juliet at barrera dot org



my bassoon, a fox renard 220 serial number 24-202 was stolen from Spokane Washington on January 27 2005. It was in a cylander BG france gig bag, resembling a golf bag with green velvet interior. With it were two bocals, one fox, one heckle along with my tools and reeds. It you have any information please notify me


Jacqueline Gorski
(509) 624-4256




The Fox Reynard (wood) #11077 belongs to Manatee
Community College, Bradenton, FL.  C. Robert Reinert
is the bassoon instructor.  It was turned in May,
2004. School no.  #14967 MCC.  Contact Bob Reinert at
bob&pegreinert@webtv.net or Harry Phillips at



Bad news, one my Heckels has been stolen in Montevideo (Uruguay) on Monday 27th September [2004].

Heckel Nr. 13991 (from 1996)
Compact model, with metal bell-ring, with many rollers and extras.

Gustavo Núñez
Principal bassoon Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam.
+31-20-441 85 22
+31-20-67 98 007
+31-6-50 20 71 68


Bassoon serial num:29998
It was lost in Peru school (Middle school) in Band room
I need  this instrument back quickly and despretley because i am supposed to play at my church .Note: Peru Centeral school peru New York 12972 116 margert street.


This instrument has been reported as returned to its owner

A Fox bassoon, model No. 601, with serial No. 29997, was stolen between 5:30 p.m. Friday, March 12 and 12:30 p.m. Saturday, March 13 from Scales Fine Arts Center, Wake Forest University. It is carried in a black case that looks very similar to a violin case. There is a $1000.00 reward being offered for the safe return of this bassoon. Contact Crime Stoppers at (336) 758-4477 with any information. All calls are anonymous. Or contact enegsg1@wfu.edu  or aejx@wfu.edu


"Nick Schmidt" gman2501@comcast.net

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 20:35:32 -0800

Fox 220 serial number 27044
stolen from Lafayette, California


My Fox bassoon has been stolen from North London.  My phone number is 07855421551 my email address is cawyburn@hotmail.com
It went missing on Monday 30th June.


My Bassoon was stolen out of my car in front of my house in Ashland Oregon on July 6th 2003.  I am looking through my records for my serial number, but I can give a good description.
        Puchner Bassoon
        White rim on top of bell
        Dent on lower part of the boot
        A little varnish missing where long joint rubs wing joint
        Two bocals, one Puchner one Heckel (the heckel bocal is split)
        Hand cruch replaced with a kee guard taken off a contra bassoon
        Whisper key has extra play in mechanism
        Pad on bell had just come loose
        Dental floss wraped around wing joint tennon
        nice new tool wallet full of reed tools
        eight reeds wrapped in multi colored thread
        bocal case made out of ply wood


I am a professional bassoonist and teacher, and greatly rely on my bassoon.  Thankyou for any help recovering this instrument.
Walker Kermode
(541) 552-0524


My Bassoon was stolen from my car in Fairfield, Connecticut, on the evening of May 21, 2003.   It is a Fox Renard serial #  27682.
It has a black case with blue velvet interior.
I will offer a reward to anyone who can help me get this precious instrument back.
Please call...

This instrument has been returned to its owner


Fox # 19350 Stolen from my in mid July 2001 from Episcopal High School in Houston, TX.  It had a rather nice #2 heckel bocal and a very crappy CVX.  My email is gr8gonzo84@aol.com


Stolen Fox Renard Artist Bassoon
Serial #: 18214
Date stolen: 2/26/03
Stolen from room 206 of the Macalester College music building in Saint Paul, MN.
If you have any information, please contact me.

Morgan Feigal-Stickles
(651) 698-0594


Heckel Bassoon
Serial number 9975
Date Stolen: 2/19/03

Owner Jeremy Duby

43125 Carlyle Place #221
Clinton Twp.  Michigan

Stolen at: Stolen from Wayne State University.  Detroit MI.

Comments: The Heckel is a university instrument. It was taken from the
directors office area.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.



My bassoon was stolen in Paris (France) in November 2001. It is a Heckel No 13073,

contained in a cylinder shaped case of black leather, lined with purple velvet.

Its blond colour with dark brown stripes makes it special among other instruments

of the same name. Some small scratches can be seen on the wood.

Contact : Valérie GRANIER

Telephone and Fax in Paris : 01 43 79 22 29

e.mail  :  www.valou31@wanadoo.fr



On october 28, 2002 I was robbered near Galoushkin street. Thieves took my bassoon, Puchner  9043, with some family documents, including my passport. There were also several bassoon accessories. Please, if you will find some information about this instrument, send me it to these e-mail addresses: We received a happy e-mail that this bassoon has been returned to it's owner.


Heckel #12087  This bassoon was stolen from my car on September 4, 2002 in Salt Lake City,  UT. It is in an oval-shaped soft "opera" case, and had with it my reeds, reed tools, a Heckel bocal and a Marcus&Bell bocal. The bassoon has a  reddish-color stain  with very marked tiger stripes. The bell has an ivory  ring and a 4 inch crack (repaired). Please contact me at (801)521-2972 or VirgoRam@aol.com  if you have any information on this bassoon. Thank you.

L.A. Pfeil



My Bassoon was stolen on Halloween 2001 out of my hands as i was walking down the street. The thieves were wearing black overcoats and had long green noses. It was a Schreiber worth £8575. It was in a black case and was in a black/blue carry bag. It had a broken high d key(it was going for repair). In the case was a black sling and a piece of blue tinsel for my Christmas solo-please help! Contact J Slater:   j3nny@planet-save.com



My bassoon was stolen out of my car in March of 1998 in New Haven, CT. It was a Kohlert early model. I bought it from Lester Cantor of the NYC Ballet (now deceased). My name and his may still be in the case. The case was black, "Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp" sticker from 1996 was on it. Unfortunately I cannot remember other details. I currently play in the New Haven area and rent from a local music school.

Steve Wechsler
(203) 787-1750